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Backdated a few days w00t

*There is a demon girl with a familiar over her shoulder. They are wandering near you.*

*Yes. You.*

*And she sees what you are doing, there.*

*There is also a small blue-haired girl doing the same. Watching you master--do stuff.*

((dropping. Open unto forever~))



cfuw 58 - To Gongji

Hay, Mr. Gongji styled person?
Hey, Mr. Shepherd person and people, Hiroin has questions.

It can be essay tiem now? :D

So we had this huge, huge, HUEG clusterfuck of a fight Friday/Saturday. Business as usual for camp. Beat the baddie, go back to your normally-scheduled activity. And there will be rejoicing, right?

Wrong.Collapse )

In sum, her mindset is all kinds of chaotic and fragile but it will try to rebuild on itself really. With a lot of chocolate. Lots. And lots.
*The evening is pretty quiet. Nothing much is moving...except for the zombies that are moaning. Especially one particularly-helpless undead. This poor thing is bound, hand and foot, to a alter that most campers leave alone.*

*Except the one girl. She's overlooking his not!corpse, then referring back to a manual. We should probably find out what she's doing....*

*...and how badly it bodes for the remainder of the denizens of Camp Fuck U Die.*


See I told you I would.

Okay, I've done major expounding on other subjects. Potamos' power. Her element. Her means, motives, and opportunities. Something I HAVEN'T spoken on is her enemies. And y'all should really, really know about them READ MY CANON because they're icky, foul-smelling, beast that would stop at nothing to flood the world with horrible, disgusting, mind-numbing LOVE.

The irony: Essaying on the Love Wave in a Demon's journal.Collapse )

That was overly dramatic. But here's the skinny.

What's the Love Wave? "Blazing emotion, there's a light that flows from your heart." No. Really. The warm and fuzzy feeling you get around people. In WP's realm, it takes the form of radiation similar to the Wave of Hate. Only the Love Wave isn't harmful. And humans/other species can't use it to fight.

How do the angels fight with it? They condense/crystalize/etc the Love Wave that is innately stronger in themselves into objects. Weapons. Armor. Accessories. And they use these primarily to bless things (sans the weapons--those are used to fight/purify/kill devils).

Can others manifest a Love Wave? Yes. If you're sentient or blessed with emotion, you have the power to generate the Love Wave.

Can others USE the Love Wave? Likely not. It's something almost-completely innate. Unless you have a character that's USED to manipulating many different forms of energy, or has a talisman/accessory/etc that is COMPOSED of Love Wave, the wave is about as useful to them as lotion. Only lotion is much, much more useful.

Will the Love Wave HURT? If it's your first time No. Not unless you're cursed by darkness or possessed of darkness, and even then it has to be a LOTHING, CORRUPTING darkness from what I've interpreted. Ask Momo she'd know better.

CORRUPTING DARKNESS? See Ami, waaaaaaaaaay back at the beginning of her stay in camp. That youma that possessed her was hurt by Peach's Tempete. It was made of EVIL and LOATHING...and then holes when Sanzo got through with it ANYWAY. the point is really up to canon interpretations. I have no idea about KH nobodies cause haven't played the game. And it's less HURTING and more MAKING THE BAD, BAD TINT GO AWAY. It can suppress or kill, depending on the source (it SEEMS to kill, in the anime well purified Devils certainly don't write from their forced vacation telling how they're doing, and Ignis was D E D dead).

What's this got to do with me? Think of Momoko next time you need to perform an exorcism. That Saint Crystal she hauls around is nothing to sneeze at concerning hostile intent. ^_~

What's the velocity of a lade-- NEXT QUESTION DAMNIT.

How often does Potamos masturbate? ..............once a month okay? NOT SO, I LIE!

Anything else relevant tot he topic? Yes. The Ginzuishou totally produces Love Wave. Along with Godmode.

Got it memorize--okay i'm done put the blades down open to further questions. >.>;



SINCE I KINDA ALREADY SAID MY VARIATION comment, and I'll give you the following

If Ranma would REALLY spar w/your character

What school subjects/study subjects Ami would help you with

How high you rank on Potamos' "Kill a bitch" meter.

BONUS If your character is evil/a demon, Potamos may have a placing in her New World Order for you. :D


A couple of things to note before we begin. Yousuke in canon gets a rather HUGE roll as the story of Wedding Peach. Without his presence, it was entirely possible that Wedding Peach would NOT have won her final battle with Reine Devilla.

Yousuke is important. Very important. And here's why:

Not so short and sweet explanation. Spoilers abound.Collapse )

In sum, she's really a nice girl. She was just raised to kill you if you smiled and hugged her. .___.